Thursday, August 5, 2010


Every human has a way to live, survive and prosper. These ways and means are distinct. Minutely examine, there are ingredients of unique identifiers for each. But we can seldom correctly identify each of the factors that constitute exactness. When we develop understandings with others, we are close to those identifiers, to which we modulate and moderate our adjustments to create closeness. But how do we do the spontaneous adjustments are not understood yet.

The uniqueness in each human arises from four distinct nano-characters. These are the distinctiveness of each mind, exceptionality of intelligence, individuality of every ego and the matchlessness of all memories. For every input that a human receives, the processing takes only a few moments and the reaction emerges. Not all reactions are fully expressed in one go! And therefore, the feedback processing to react can go wrong. Consequently, the output reactions based on the processing can create incompatibility sometimes immediately but often at a much delayed interval.

The processing nano-instruments make the judgments. These instruments are individual ego, independent intelligence and the state of mind at the moment of processing, verifying the final output with earlier experiences, which reside in each as the past memory. Memory is created and preserved every moment, some of which are conserved for a long time while most others considered unimportant by individuals are soon erased. Creation of new memory is again unique and complex; it may draw from factors beyond the above four. For creating a memory, a software creator has to be existing. If we consider him as one independent factor as a new addition, the probability of a new impression being created and processed increases to 3125, of which only one is chosen for use!

When an input is received by the senses, the five nano-parameters can make at least 3125 different solutions! But in almost all situations, individuals come out with only one as the out put to respond. This is strange, but this is real!

The receiver makes a processing of the outcome within its nano-body and also finds 3125 different results, but accepts only one! None can predict if the output of the receiver shall match the output of the transmitter. Our experience shows that in most situations there is closeness in the matching, which creates the formation of fondness, families, communities, societies and the global family.

But as the mismatch increases, the destruction begins, first showing its individual differences and disliking, which gradually builds up into Himalayan differences, separating societies, communities and countries tearing apart!

The basic building blocks of the causes of differences are to be understood adequately and clearly. These obviously reside within the nano-structures of each human, wherefrom the differences begin to grow gradually build up and propagate. The remedies can be found only if the causes of the differences are adequately understood. Unfortunately, there is yet no scientific method or instruments that can quantatively analyze and measure the causes of the origin of the differences.

Individually, each one is confronted at one time or the other to deal with differences. To do so one has to understand the causes for the differences. Total withdrawal by way of keeping away from the source, maintaining total silence etc can keep one away from the differences. But these won’t solve the problem. A solution may arise only when the problem is accepted and faced boldy.

In organizations keeping away or avoiding a problem is often not feasible or possible. People have to decide or to act; Organizations comprise people who take action, decide, implement or follow. Managers have to deal with a large number of people. There can be areas where all the actors do not agree. Therefore, there has to be methods for accruing the causes for the differences. Maintenance of suggestion box, periodic people –satisfaction surveys, regular inter-personal meetings etc shall assist in gathering the causes of dissatisfaction. Discussion of problems and complaints can be effective. Therefore, creating procedures in organizations for handling the differences should be in place. The procedures, as far as possible should have the foundations sitting on trust and respect to one another; speaking to people on one-to-one basis can be effective, where one has the chance of coming close to the other in the mental frame work. The complainant usually has a natural tendency to forgive until and unless the complaint or the difference is of malicious nature, requiring legal reprisal; human nature is to have a hustle free environment, an environment where the wishes are to live and let live!

People are born and brought up in social environment that grades activities. Some activities are rated high and some are rated low. Usually, show of power and command, success in showing physical strength, manifestation of extraordinary skills, earning more etc. are rated high. Routine work of production, quality control, keeping up the establishment activities such as maintaining cleanliness, washing, dusting and normal household work carried out by using inexpensive methods are not rated high. All the dirty work are rated low. Moving around to do outdoor work is rated a little bit higher. Making decisions, raising pay, settling payments and releasing money, book-keeping and accounting, taking legal actions and dealing with legal matters, increasing remuneration, elevating status of people etc. are rated high.

Unfortunately, human inherits the impression of high and low profiles of activities from the surrounding and accepts it rigidly from within. The nano-human from within each individual dictates the impression, which is manifested through the visible human in flesh and blood. The visible body expresses conditions of stress and strength from the command, received from the nano-body, which resides inside.

In true world, no job is either good or bad. Jobs are graded by individuals and accepted as good or rejected as bad by them who then group up to form clusters and thus the rating becomes societal.

In an organization, all jobs have to be carried out and completed. It is then that the output shall match the highest standard. Standards are set by experience. Organizations that turn out products and services which have bearing on the health of people must follow the best standards to turn out best products and services.

The people constituting the organization must understand this. Owners and the Executives hasten to ensure compliance of standards so as to turn out the best products. But the imposition of the factors by order for compliance does not always work if people who are to comply do not take the tasks of compliance for implementation from within. The actors who work to comply should have to have unstinted nod from within their nano-human structure that resides inside. If this does not happen but the outward expression of the complier is a positive nod which is read from the body language or from the word of mouth, even then this can be a false nod. False nods are expressed in acts of non-compliance in course of time.

It is the challenge for an organization therefore, how to create conditions so that all the nano-human being in an organization has full compliance to the standards to be maintained. When every individual comes forward to work together to reach the common goal of turning out the best products from their organization, this does not always mean that all the people physically working have consent to a common goal. The situation can be improved by continuously creating one-to-one relationship through talks, discussions and communication in a congenial environment.