Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our sixty sixth independence day

Today is our Independence Day. The day is precious to us because we celebrate the meaning of ‘Swatantra’ today.  We have acquired independence or ‘Swatantrata’ in exercising, executing, effecting, accomplishing and implementing our freedom to get in to all kinds of creative endeavor whatever we wish to pursue. Creation is the basis for expressing new ideas emanating from within. Creation is the basis of foundation, invention, design, establishment and manufacture. In freedom and independence of individuals and our nation, lie the germs of developing technologies.

On the mid-night of August 14, 1947 our beloved leader Nehru in a part of his great speech to the nation said,’ At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom…..’ This was a great speech but factually what was mentioned was not correct:  the world was not sleeping; the entire west including USA was awake and was toiling for developing new technologies, new inventions and new discoveries! Asia might have been sleeping…..

Our emphasis on our freedom and independence have not have been adequate for new technologies, new inventions and new discoveries.

I have greatest esteem for those for whose work and sacrifice we got freedom and independence. I am also very proud that we have made phenomenal progress during the last 65 years after our independence and have created considerable wealth for our country. But the point is, ‘Are these adequate?’

Even today we know that we have the largest numbers of poor people in the world compared to any other country.

Two major indicators come to my mind the working on which shall  improve the  destination of our  nation : one, the income and wealth  distribution are not rational nor has the created wealth percolated among the people in a balanced manner ; and two , we have not put whole-hearted attention on developing appropriate technologies for our people.

I strongly believe that by emphasizing on the conceptualization, creation, nurturing, development and propagation of tiny and small industries in diverse sectors, we can greatly even up the income and wealth distribution disparities. This would require people-friendly policies created and propagated by the country, which would include political will, access to money, space, materials, skills, transportation, markets, competition and enforcement of law & order.

I also believe that the application of efficient technologies, which would provide us with opportunities for a quantum leap in all areas of our concern and activities, must be developed by our people for our use. Basic science is important; but  bogging down to basics without applications would cut down so much of our resources that we would  never have the chance to share the fruits of our understanding in our life time! Our science and technological institutions would have to contribute more in applications and application –oriented skills.

As a proud citizen of our great country, while celebrating our 66th independence day, I look forward to possibilities that take shape in evening up our wealth distribution through socially acceptable scientific methods by the application of country-developed novel and appropriate technologies. Jai Hind!