Monday, October 24, 2011



We slowly and gradually create
Our own varieties of cocoons around.
These mature and get stronger with the span of time.
We create within, our own planet and a new universe of our own
Our satellites and many more are invented around!

And we get engrossed within
In its limited space of narrowness
And the egoistic smelling labyrinth
Almost everyone during the entire life span
Do not sense the incompleteness and limitations of our own cocoons!

Life is larger than fantasy and fiction
The limitless spectra take us to situations unknown
Through experiences of unbearable pain or limitless joy,
Though greatest events of successes
Or through most miserable moments of failures!

The bondage and limitations of our souls
Get shaken up in such never-experienced situations.
Our so securely created individual cocoons staying around
Break away in to pieces in the split of a second!
Then and only then we discover the strength of our soul!

We discover that our souls are gifted with wings
Liberated, the souls can freely fly anywhere in any direction to any place
And from the high sky every cocoon looks narrow, small and alike!
Liberated, we get to realize
We are attached to none except to the Creator who sets us free!

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  1. great...great...great
    absolute truth.....reality of life.