Monday, October 24, 2011



As the head of a business unit
I have certainly a duty to perform.
Through measures and actions,
The targets of production, sales and profits must surely come.

The relations I develop with acquaintances at workplace
Are often casual and informal,
With feelings of inadequate zeal,
Though these are not considered strange or abnormal!

I have a heart
Within my flesh and blood,
That seeks to build relations,
To be closer to be delighted and to be glad.

Feelings could get worked up in emotions,
But I need to hide them and I can’t surely express.
I must act as the symbol of substance
That remains unchanged in good times or in distress!

From my office,
I have no time to breathe a sigh of relief!
I don’t come to know how the tired days
Lie down in the laps of mother darkness in trust and belief!

The charms of morning hours
That I felt in my youth are all lost in daily routine,
The monster of burden forces me relentlessly
To be set in, to be focused and to be competent to win!

When in my car I am traveling alone,
I sometime engage
My eyes to take a glimpse of the flying birds,
The moving herds and the morning rays!

And the joys of the silent mansions
And the dancing branches of the left over trees…
They make me to feel for moments
That I am alive as before, I can be careless to hug the nature and the breeze!

But in moments I realize that I cannot stop
Nor can I wait,
For my assignments
Must be met!

And this is the flavor of life of all top brass executives,
Alike the best Managers too of any country often are!
Joys, pleasures of togetherness or leisure for their personal care
Are often lost from their world forever!

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  1. we like excellent poem ........I would like to have more such poems from you in the future