Saturday, October 22, 2011



Over here, in the western part of Delhi,
Janakpuri by name
In search of livelihood and shelter,
We travelled many long miles and came.

Some made their choices to settle and they were firm
Several others were here in tattered form,
Blow out uprooted from their home
By human rage of intolerant storm!

Many summers had come and then winters again
As years passed by giving us time to settle and regain
We started our annual worship in our homogeneity of mix
The first festival was celebrated in nineteen seventy six!

Not much happened for long beyond an annual meet and a lot of time flew away
Some faces vanished in the meantime into the infinity of Milky Way
Leaving us alone in pain, but new leadership came up in time
Shouldering lost responsibilities to keep our congress united in sublime.

We came young when we came, decades flew away again and we were in two thousand and eleven,
But we made some progress: a land was procured and a place of worship Durga Bari , our heaven
We decided to build and this was in the meantime getting completed by us.
The community building was almost ready barring some finishing touch!

As populace would use Durga Bari Community Centre and its space,
It would bring in satisfaction to one and all in the congress.
And up to the end of this year or a part of the next, more or less
It will be the beginning of the closure of an era with humility and grace!

The members of the period up to this had made a mark around thoughts
That was conservative in conjecture but action-oriented in diversities of plots
The forerunners foresee in the future the birth of multiple new thoughts
That shall be cast by the young in the upcoming slots.

In the future years, youthful people shall certainly come
And newer views and outlooks would seemingly hum
With activities of more contemporary community welfare
Cogently knitted in to our core principles of architecture!

We, now aged, shall then delightfully watch from distance and share
The progress of our congress and support its growth to reach its prime
As we grow older and get prepared to disappear
In to the eternity of time!

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