Monday, October 24, 2011



For professionals and businesslike minds of diverse kinds like ours
Often we do not come to recognize when poetry or verse comes to us
Silently she steps in through our quiet or busy but distinctly lonely times
Poetry dresses herself soft and attractive every time she is very close to us
Suiting our tastes and molding us softer at our diversely different transacting moods!

Poetry arrives to awaken us to magnify our expressions of thought
Poetry is much closer to our mind and surely to our heart
But at times we do not wish to accept or to recognize the emotions
We, the professionals with businesslike mindset are often more close to our brain
Although we recognize the strengths that bind and unite through the feelings of heart

We lament when we fail regretting why we didn’t use our thoughts
Expressed more in the words of emotional knots
Through her sweet and meaningful verse,
Even though that would mean a bit worse
Some defeat in the pride of our intellectual logistic thoughts.

Poetry is a companion, a creative entity of every one of us
Poetry is the expression of maturity of our thoughts
Poetry empowers us, poetry provides us with strength
And for those who spend time with her more
They appear emotional, ripened and expressive from the core!

Poetry leaves for them who are closer to her
More of her finer humane and imaginative qualities of creations
In all their expressions, demonstrations and acts,
In the diversities of life, in all the determining events
Through the manifestation of maturities and through the detailing of thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. u shaped it so nicely that...its seems like a living entity with all the feelings n emotions. It looks like a small child dressed beautifully....wanted to share something with us.

    I feel that poem is a way of life. It’s an empty basket; we can put our life into it and make something out of that.

    Highly impressed by poet's thoughts.