Monday, October 24, 2011

The uprooted plant

The uprooted plant

When I picked up the plant that was uprooted
And thrown out to die, I recognized this to be one, which was acclaimed.
My neighbor laughed and commented on me with sore
“This was sterile, diseased and was of no use anymore”.

But I felt that it needed some affection and care right there and then
It had yet the desire to survive to live and to regain.
I thought, it would get cured and might bloom once again
And if it would flower, it would please me in my times of despair and pain.

I bought a big cemented pot with soil and more
I planted it in to the pot and kept it in shade
I watered it regularly till it showed some recovery and gain
I placed the pot in my garden under the sky then again.

The plant started to bear new leaves and branches
It was a joy to watch everyday its subtle nuances
And one day I found it blooming to flower!
That was the happiest moment for me to be out of despair.

The plant greets me smiling gratefully everyday
As I pass by it to my work even in the hottest days of May.
In my moments of sadness and pain,
I find my plant cheering me up in its way again and again!


  1. Sir,

    You all poems are excellent..

    I like this one more.. human life is also like that..really true.


  2. The poem gives a very important lesson of life for those who are loosing hopes for the future, and going deeper into what had happened in the past....forget everything....and go ahead, life will again flowers if u do little effort.

    nicely written.