Monday, October 24, 2011

Spirit of Nature

Spirit of Nature

I was one day casually watching
A large droplet of water
On a blossomed lotus leaf
Shinning during the soft morning hours of autumn!

In the split of a second I found
The lotus flower passing a naughty blinking look with a sober flying expression of affection
Through its pink wide-open eyes and the shinning yellow lips,
Sending a storm of glee and joy all around!

A puff of wind blew away delightfully over the shinning droplet
The mid-aged leaf resting at leisure on the calm surface of water
Became restless on its bed
As the droplet started to dance, stimulated from the wink!

The sky above me was clearly at glee
And in a chorus joined the trees and the grasses from the green fields all around
The droplet remained engrossed in its own delight
As I rediscovered the innate fortitude of Nature in its integrated whole!

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  1. I really loved the poem.Very imaginative and deep use of words.